10 breeds of cats that look like a lion

10 breeds of cats that look like a lion

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All cats are wonderful, but there is something very special about long-haired cats. We know what you're thinking: don't long-haired cats tend to shed more hair than short-haired breeds? Although they need daily grooming to keep their coat from becoming tangled and matted, long-haired cats make up for the extra work by being silky, soft and simply adorable.

You can't own a wild animal, but owning a cat that looks like a lion or a wild animal is basically the second best thing you can do. Cats with manes like lions are just as imposing as wild felines, but unlike the lion, they sit in your lap and (hopefully) won't make a mess in your home. From the Himalayas to the Siberians, we have gathered the fluffiest and sweetest breeds of cats, and they are just waiting to be pets. If you want a feline with a long and luxurious coat, then these 10 breeds of long-haired cats are definitely for you.



Although large in size, this native American long-haired cat is known as a "gentle giant" and is sought after as a family pet and fuzzy therapy animal. The Maine Coon earned its name because it was first recognized as a breed specific to Maine, according to the Cat Fanciers' Association, which makes sense because its robust construction and thick coat make it well suited to harsh winters.

main coon


Similar in appearance to the Maine Coon, the Norwegian cat (or Wegie, as it is affectionately known) can be recognized by its double coat, bushy legs and ears, triangular head and variegated tail. Although Wegie cats love attention, they don't demand it, and tend to get along with everyone, including dogs.



Since Persian has been fashionable during the Victorian era, this fluffy cat has become the most popular purebred cat in the United States (and perhaps the world). Expressive and affectionate, this cat can be very well groomed, but will make up for that extra grooming with a lot of love.



Originally from Siberia, this woodland cat from Russia was designed to survive extreme temperatures, and this is how it developed its coat. The Siberian tends to be medium to medium-large in size and is known for its super-soft face and hyper alertness.



Perhaps the most striking characteristic of this large breed of cat is its beautiful blue eyes, but the Ragdoll is also known for its soft, fluffy coat, which is lighter on its body than on its face, as noted by the Cat Lovers Association. Although it stands out, the absence of an insulating undercoat on the Ragdoll reduces hair loss and matting, which is a definite advantage.



Like the Ragdoll, the Sacred Ragdoll of Burma is best known for its blue eyes and long, silky coat, which is also lighter on its body than on its face. The elegant Burmese does not tend to shed much hair and is not as active as other breeds, making it the ideal breed for cuddling.



Although generally of medium size, the masses of Himalayan fur can make this breed appear much larger than it actually is. Like a kitten and playful, this cat is as likely to be curled up on your lap as it is running around your house.



The unusual appearance of the LaPerm is in fact the result of a spontaneous mutation, which causes its distinctly curly coat. Surprisingly, the coat of this breed is actually easy to groom and does not shed much hair, although the LaPerm does occasionally go through a period of intense moulting, after which its curly coat becomes thicker than before.

LAPERM cat breeds


Similar to the Himalayas, the Ragamuffin is not as big as it seems, it has a wild fur. With oval blue eyes and a soft, silky coat, this breed is known for its placidity and adaptability, making it an excellent choice for a small home, such as an apartment.

RAGAMUFFIN cat breed


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