10 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

10 Reasons to Adopt a Cat -

10 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

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For a while now you've been craving dʼun a little moustache-purring companion! Having a loving cat in your life is a real joy. Here are 10 good reasons to adopt cats, cats and kittens today.

1. A cat, it is good for HEALTH!

No, you're not dreaming! Time spent with a kitten is very good for your health. Indeed, it has a direct effect on your blood pressure!

In addition, cuddling, stroking the coat and playing with your cats and kittens, boosts your dopamine and serotonin levels making you much less stressed. The cats help us to fight against anxiety and depression (how nice and adorable these cats are 😻)

2. A cat is less investment than a dog

No more morning walks in the rain to get Rufus out. With your cat, the litter box is warm at home!

You don't have to feel guilty if you come home late because your cat or cat is having crazy adventures at home in his cat tree, making his claws and eating his pâtée and croquettes in his bowl, and finally taking a well-deserved nap.

3. A cat is independent

No need to be present 24 hours a day for your cat. He sʼen goes out very well on his own and doesn't need hugs all the time! Cats like to have their freedom and tranquility and can play alone for hours. No more need for a pet nanny!

4. A cat is the cutest pet in the world

Who hasn't fallen in love with videos of purring cats? Adopting a cat means making sure you have a soft little ball of fur in your home every night that wants to cuddle.

5. A cat is a loyal friend

And yes, your cat is still here! More present than a lover, than a best friend, the cat is  a little a jar of glue (especially if you live alone with him 😺). Soon you will no longer be able to do without it and will spend your evenings stroking.

6. Cats are discreet

They may be shy in some situations but are often very sociable and require a lot of attention for a short period of time.

A cat sleeps on average between 12-16 hours a day (lucky cat). As a result, it is not your cat who is likely to bark at night but rather to purr delicately. 

7. A cat is very smart.

Lively and cunning, our tigers dʼappartement are animals with a form of intelligence that seduces us. Adopt a kitten and you'll quickly see that he gets what he wants, when he wants. All he has to do is lift his paws and you'll snap right away.

8. A cat is a good hunter (well, most of the time)

The number one enemy of the little beasts! Spiders, mosquitoes, mice, rats, flies... Nothing escapes a house tiger. Like its fellow lions, tigers and leopards, it is a formidable predator and will proudly bring you its trophies.

9. A cat is clean

Obsessed with hygiene, cats spend a good part of their day grooming. Besides, it's so cute! All you have to do is brush your partner regularly, depending on his hair type. We have the perfect brush to remove unwanted cat hair in your home.

10. A cat is empowering

No more excuses: adopting a cat hires you for several years. Outings, holidays, weekends, you will have to learn to organize yourself by taking your cat into account.

Result: you gain in responsibility! For the children, it's great! Indeed, when in contact with a kitten, a child acquires a lot of learning.

Where and how to adopt a cat?

You are convinced, now all you have to do is find out where and how to adopt your future companion.

1. Adoption in a shelter

There are many shelters and offer all ages of cats from kitten to adult cat. Adopting an animal in a shelter often means saving a life, that of the animal you are adopting, but also that of the animal that will be able to take advantage of the space thus freed.

2. Adoption in pet stores

Visit the local pet store and find your happiness and also do that of a cat. By giving your adopted new friend a new home and a quiet environment, he or she will be grateful for life and you will not regret it. The cats to adopt are around you by the hundreds!

You can also get expert advice on choosing your cat or cat, differentiating breeds, understanding vaccines and choosing the right food for your adopted cats (take several at 😼).

Do not hesitate to ask about the recommended veterinarians in your area to talk about sterilization because in many cases, it is important to have your cats sterilized!

3. Adoption by a breeder

If you want to adopt a purebred cat, adoption from a breeder is what you need! It is advisable to visit the farm, see the parents and kittens.

There are 2 types dʼéleveurs : on the one hand those who are closer to merchants and on the other hand the real enthusiasts who raise their kittens with a lot of love.

It should be noted that a breeder is very practical if you are looking for a specific breed.

Convinced to adopt?

You have understood it, a cat is kind, cuddly, sociable, loving, playful, curious and intelligent! If you are now convinced to adopt a cat, please feel free to leave us a comment and tell us your story and that of your new cat 😻

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