5 World's Largest Cat Breeds

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5 World's Largest Cat Breeds

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Big, majestic and wild looking, tall cats are becoming more popular with breed cat owners.

But you too will probably be tempted by a large cat when you discover our ranking of the 5 largest cat breeds in the world with a presentation of each of its cat breeds.

1-The Maine Coon

But yes, it is undoubtedly the biggest cat in the world! It can weigh more than 15 kg and is a very imposing feline due to its vigour and size, which make it an excellent hunter. Of a calm character for the most part, he is very affectionate but can sometimes also be very wild.

A unique feature of the Maine Coon is that it is one of the few cat breeds that loves water. He enjoys playing, swimming and wading, which makes him a selection criterion for many people. However, he is a true lover of freedom; he needs a large living space of his own, which sometimes makes it very difficult to adapt to apartments.


He is the result of a cross between a Bengal female and a Serval male, and occupies the second place in our ranking. The Savannah is a very dynamic domestic cat that can weigh more than 10 kg and has black stripes like those of a cheetah. It is a born predator, very robust and slender.

He is friendly, calm, and above all very playful, so that only a few are insensitive to his charm. He is not known for being lazy, he likes to move, exercise, and besides, he loves water!

3-The Ragdoll

It is a real "rag doll" as its name suggests, because it loves to stay in the comfort of your arms. Very cute, it can weigh about ten kilos and its very soft and silky hairs make it a pleasure to touch. If you are rather emotional, the Ragdoll is literally a ball of affection. He will give you a lot of love but will also ask for it from you.

The Ragdoll is generally very calm and placid, and will cause you very little, if any, damage. In addition, he always finds common ground with the dogs, in case you will also be a dog lover.


4-The Norwegian

Originally from the famous Viking dynasty, the Norwegian is what you might call an energy ball. Rather independent, he loves to let off steam and can hunt for hours at a time. It is very fast, imposing and also very powerful, with its 9 kg.

The Norwegian is also very sociable, affectionate and a great player. Your child will not be bored with this excellent companion. He is also known for his courage and bravery in that he is not afraid of water or cold, let alone dogs.

5-The Burmese 

With semi-long, abundant and silky hairs, the Burmese cat is a mysterious, unpredictable and sulky character, but nevertheless remains very affectionate, kind and quite good player. He is quite intelligent and can very quickly learn to bring back the pitched ball: a real "dog cat", isn't he?

The Burmese can weigh about 11 kg, and its life expectancy is estimated at an average of 15 years. It is a refined cat, sensitive and also full of joy. He enjoys playing and living so much that he can even become a dog's best friend.

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