7 Tips to Move Cats away from their Garden and Vegetable Garden

7 Tips to Move Cats away from their Garden and Vegetable Garden

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Whether you are a cat owner or not, to keep a cat away from your garden and your garden, there are a plethora of tips that are as simple as effective. The list is long, that's why we have shortened it for you, to lighten the task a bit and allow you to quickly find the solution that suits you best.

The 7 simple tips to keep cats away from gardens and gardens

Having a cat at home and keeping a garden always in good condition is quite possible! You just have to follow the following tips to coexist with the cat or to make repellents to keep cats away.

Protect the garden with a fence

In love with nature, domestic cats consider the garden a real paradise. The golden rule to keep these felines away from your garden, is first to protect the latter. To do this, simply install a fence with barbed wire, so as to surround your garden. At the first attempt, the wire beards will poke enough all the adventurous cats to dissuade them from returning.

Use ultrasound repellents

This is one of the most popular and appreciated tips, because it has not only proven itself, but also because it is a modern solution. Cats tolerate sounds up to a certain frequency, a threshold beyond which these sounds become harmful to them. Thus, you just need to place one or more ultrasonic repellents in your garden and your garden to preserve them from cats.

Indeed, working in an analog way, the ultrasound repellents have a radar which, at the approach of the matou, triggers the emission of ultrasound via integrated loudspeakers (and sometimes in combination with luminous flash), this which makes the little feline run away.

Use natural repellents

To keep a cat away from your garden and garden, you can use a few tricks of grandmother. It's about making repellents out of natural ingredients that are commonly found at home like lemon, white vinegar, black pepper, essential oils, and more.

For example, you can spray white vinegar on your plants, or soak on a cotton cloth or old newspapers that you have in the garden. You can also mix 5 tablespoons of crushed fresh black pepper and a tablespoon of mustard in water, which you will bring to the boil. Once the mixture cools, it turns out to be a powerful natural repellent against cats.

Plant repellent plants

With their keen sense of smell, cats are very sensitive to even the slightest odors. Nature is endowed with a large variety of plants whose scents naturally scare away cats. For example, you can plant Officinal Street or Coleus in your garden and the cat will not pass.

Similarly, some plants have physical elements that repel cats. Chestnut and holly, for example, have prickles that sting the legs of the cat if he walks on it. Plant it around your garden.

Water the vegetable garden especially in the evening

The night vision of cats makes them particularly active in the night. But by chance, most cats hate water. Water your plants in the evening is very convenient to keep cats away from your garden or your garden. Since cats especially like to keep their feet dry, if the soil in the kitchen garden and the plants are wet, they will not venture there.

Make it a space

One of the most effective ways to ensure perfect cohabitation is to compromise. If your little cat likes to bask in the natural scenery of your garden, it may be that he did not find anywhere else better to enjoy himself and enjoy the sun.

In this case, to prevent kitty from damaging your plants, to provide a space conducive to its blooming outdoors would be an effective solution. Take for example a small piece of land and plant her favorite herbs.

Plant favorite cat plants

Another tip to keeping cats looking away from your garden is to grow some of their favorite herbs. He will be happy and avoid damaging your garden. Choose plants such as heather, aromatic plants, grasses or catnip.

Why are the neighbor's cats not necessarily welcome in the garden?

The neighbor's cats are not welcome in the garden because in addition to the damage they can cause to your plants, they may make the urine marking, and even leave dung. As a result, your vegetable garden will be submerged with disgusting and persistent odors, which is quite annoying, especially if you have to manage the damage of your own cat. But do not be fatalistic there is always a trick to keep a cat away.

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