How to Draw a Chat Easily?

How to Draw a Chat Easily? -

How to Draw a Chat Easily?

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In this little tutorial, you will learn in 6 simple steps how to draw a funny cat in a few minutes!

Nothing could be easier, take a pencil, follow the steps, I'll teach you how to draw a pretty cartoon cat. Children can also participate!

Follow the guide!

At Blessed Faith Design, the cat is our favorite animal and surprises us a little more every day. No wonder so many of us want to draw the most brilliant animal!

For this guide, we have simplified things to make this drawing accessible to adults and children alike, while keeping most of what makes our cat a funny and adorable little cat!

So we're going to draw a cute cat but without fur markings. You will be able to choose your favorite fur when you color!

For example, you can draw a tabby (tiger) cat, turtle shell, black and white, white, black or even pink and green striped!

There are no rules and you can let your imagination run wild!

To know the main cat colors, I invite you to look at the beautiful pictures in this article: The Most Beautiful Colors of the Maine Coon

The required equipment

Here's what you need:

  • A pencil or marker
  • A sheet of paper of your choice
  • Coloured pencils, markers or paint

How to draw a cat | In 6 Steps

Stage 1

Start by drawing an oval shape for the head. It can be rectangular, more circular or even slightly triangular in shape.

However, I advise you to start by drawing an oval shape for the head.

Step 2

It's time to start making some triangles. Draw two triangular shapes for the ears and one triangular shape for the nose. You can also make the nose oval or round.

Step 3

Let's give expression to our cat! Draw two small triangular lines inside the ears. Do two eye spots.

Then let's do the mouth. Start by drawing a short straight line from the bottom of the nose down. Starting next to this line (left), draw the curve of the mouth. Lower it and raise it to the height of the line you made under your nose. Continue with the right side.

Step 4

Now it's the mustaches' turn!

Then start drawing the body. Draw two curved lines, one on the left and the

other on the right.

Step 5

Trace the legs. Start with the front ones (long U-shaped). The hind legs are optional, but I think they can complement your design.

Make simple shaped legs: first the front legs, then the back legs.

Step 6

It's almost over! Just a few more details. Like the claws, the line that completes the belly and tail.

Congratulations! You just learned how to draw a cat!

Now Color!

There are several ways to color your cat drawing. Here is our red tiger cat (Frimie):

That's a beautiful, fun, funny cartoon cat you've got there!

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