I just had a cat dream, what does that mean?

I just had a cat dream, what does that mean?

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Cats and animals are common dream themes. Moreover, cats are firmly rooted in mythology and spirituality. Today we will look at the interpretation of cat dreams and what they reveal about us.

Dreaming about cats is not trivial, and it is not always easy to understand and interpret these dreams. The meaning of dreams that involve cats generally depends on how the dreamer perceives these animals.

Let's try to go through the possible interpretations of your cat dreams together. In this article, you will learn more about :

  • The symbolism of the cat in psychoanalysis
  • The meaning of dreams according to the state of health and the colour of the cat
  • The differences between the cat dream of a man and a woman
  • Cat dreams in other cultures
  • Clues to improve your life through dreams

1- What the cat means to us

In our dreams, cats are symbolic representations and their meanings can be positive or negative, depending on the context and circumstances. To help you understand your dream, it is interesting to focus on your own representation of the cat: what do you generally associate with the kitty? Do you have one, is it yours or your partner's? Do you often see cats around you?

If you have understood your "link" with cats, ask yourself the following question which will help you to better understand your dream: why do I dream of a cat now, at this moment in my life?

Indeed, as the cat is a domestic animal, it is common to our current way of life. They are found in homes or in the wild, but it is extremely common to spot them anywhere around us. This does not help our interpretation, but rather indicates the ease with which the cat enters our subconscious, as it is readily present in our conscious state.

As we speak of dreams, we speak in "symbol". The cat can also symbolise your home, surroundings, family, a person, and how these individuals relate to you or how you see them.

By better understanding your perception of the cat, you will already have a clue as to why it appeared in your dream. Let's now look at the common symbols.

2- Psychoanalysis according to Freud for interpreting dream symbols

Sigmund Freud, 1856-1939, the father of psychoanalysis, has long used the interpretation of dreams in accordance with his method of analysis and agrees on the "symbolism" of characters, events, animals, places, and combine all these elements to study our unconscious. Freudian analysis is thus accompanied by the interpretation of dreams in order to detect the manifestation of our aspirations, our positive and negative thoughts, our fears, the repressions of which we are not fully aware.

The psychoanalyst reminds us that during our dreams, our mind is no longer anchored in the external world and can freely express our impulses. Even if it is not totally accurate, the therapist's interpretation is as coherent as possible with the patient's life.

3- Jung's interpretation of dreams

Carl Gustav Jung, 1875-1961, was also an important player in the development of analytical psychology and also used dream interpretation in the development of his therapy and his study of the Psyche ("soul"). His method differed from that of his contemporary Freud, whose studies he regarded as limiting, focusing on the expression of sexuality.

He emphasised that the dream can only be explained by itself and introduced the 'context', which can be detected through a series of dreams and which gives a better understanding of the patient's disorders and unconscious.

4- The cat as a symbol of the female sex

Generally speaking, the cat represents intuition and femininity at a fairly deep level, such as the ability to be sensitive and emotionally affected by our environment and home.

Thus, in the form of the cat, our emotionality comes up to express our hidden feelings, our intuitive or unconscious responses, those we may not be aware of when we are awake.

Remember that this femininity can be represented as much in men as in women, revealing an episode in your life under an important turning point: a professional decision, a couple who wants to improve their relationship or save a marriage, confusion about how to manage a radical change in daily life (moving house, death of a loved one...). A little meditation and a good breathing technique in a quiet place will help you ask yourself the right questions and become aware of your current situation.

5- Cat health during our dream

Let's go back to the presence of the cat during your sleep

a- Dreaming of a healthy cat 

This could be interpreted as a healthy intuitive nature of the dreamer, which means that you should continue to listen to your inner self and make decisions from your wise mind. Taking time to learn to listen to ourselves, to trust the good side of our emotions is a long work to succeed in developing wise and right thoughts. 

b- Dreaming of sick cats

The sick cat could mean that there is an imbalance between your intellect and your intuition. During your day, it is difficult to make progress, as you may be basing your life decisions on what you think everyone else thinks you should do, instead of listening to what your intuition suggests is the best option for you. To develop positively, take time to make your life choice and prepare to commit to it by being fundamentally honest with yourself, free from the influence of others and their beliefs.

c- Dreaming of dead or dying cats

As a cat symbolises your intuition and feminine power, dreaming of a dead cat could be interpreted as being disconnected from this part of yourself. You may be refusing to face a hard event in reality or making choices that are not in tune with yourself. The cat's failing health is a sign that you are doing things you don't fully agree with. Be self-reliant and independent to get things back on track.

6- Dreaming of a kitten: the need for a helping hand

Although cats are generally associated with independence, resourcefulness and self-reliance, the image of a helpless kitten is also strongly embedded in the collective unconscious. Dreaming of newborn kittens or cats meowing loudly without being seen may indicate that you feel vulnerable and unable to get help. If you are having this type of dream, look at your life and find out if you are being heard or not.

Take time to identify whether part of the problem is your inability to ask for help. Often the most independent people turn out to be those who are not used to asking for help at all. If you are in a relationship, put your ego aside, use your own words to share your trials and welcome the help of your partner. This will cement your relationship and help brighten life together.

In addition, dreaming of a litter of kittens may mean that you feel overwhelmed, under stress, and that you need to decompress, to feel more pleasure, joy and relaxation. You want to make a positive change in your daily life to avoid thinking negatively about your regular stress.

Dreaming of kittens can also mean that you have embarked on a new project or a chapter in your life that is in a vulnerable state and needs to be healed. You need to positively alter your environment to accommodate the change. It is just as important to take care of yourself as it is to take care of others.

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7- The colour of your dream cat

a- Dreaming of a white cat

The meaning of a white cat in your dream depends on your relationship with felines. A white cat often symbolises difficult times ahead. It represents the problems you are facing, although in some cultures it suggests that you are happy in love or enjoying a quiet and simple life at the moment. If you like white cats, it may mean that something wonderful is about to happen. Don't be afraid to embrace the coming change in a positive way.

b- Dreaming of a Black Cat

It is common knowledge that many cultures superstitiously associate black cats with bad luck or bad omens. This is why many people are afraid of black cats or associate them with negative thoughts. If you carry this negative association and encounter a black cat in your dreams, it could mean that you are afraid to listen to your intuition or to connect and own your feminine power. However, if you have a positive association with black cats, this manifestation could have a less negative symbolic meaning.

Dreaming of a black cat biting or scratching you is a sign that you should stop ignoring your intuition. It has a positive and caring attitude towards you and is waiting for you to listen to the positive things it wants to share with you.

c- Dreaming of a Grey Cat

Seeing a grey cat in a dream has a less definitive and radical symbolism, as grey is a neutral and soothing colour. Dreaming of a grey cat means that you should try to take stock of what is happening in the dream and try to understand whether or not there is a message from your subconscious that you should pay attention to. If there is, you must let go and follow the directions given in the dream, as it is your intuition that is speaking to you. Your subconscious has created a space that is designed to offer you new avenues to observe and study once you are awake

d- Dreaming of a green cat

The green cat is symbolic of selfishness and illusion. In this case, dreaming of a green spiked cat indicates that you are experiencing jealousy that prevents you from forming meaningful or stable relationships. It may also mean that you are holding back from relationships or situations. This in itself may be a natural reaction to protect yourself from the negative emotions of others.

e- Dreaming of a blue cat

This indicates positivity and heroic good intentions. The Blue Cat is a spiritual guide: your ideas and thoughts are clear and lift you up to a new consciousness. You are ready to confront your emotions and life choices. This is a sign that your mind is partly free of negative thoughts. This is a good time to be optimistic and start transforming your life.

f- Dreaming of a Ginger Cat

The ginger cat symbolises lies, secrets. Lies that you can tell to others, but especially to yourself. If you see a ginger or orange cat in your dream, it is a sign that you must stop hiding from yourself, and accept reality and take full responsibility for your actions or your mistakes and failures.

The warm colour of the cat (orange, red..) is also symbolic of passion and sexual desire. Beware of this combination of lies and desire as it symbolises a new person in your life for whom you have an unacknowledged desire, as you or this person is already in a relationship. Getting closer to this person would cause you to fall into infidelity, deception.

8- When a woman dreams of a cat

Cats in women's dreams generally represent how a woman sees herself. This perception includes not only how a woman sees herself physically, but also how she relates to her intuition and creativity, as well as showing how she sees herself in relation to men.

a- The self-confident woman

For example, dreaming of healthy cats could indicate that a woman is very confident, which is different from arrogance. Self-confidence provides a sense of comfort with oneself, which allows one to feel more comfortable in one's own skin.

b- The need to regain self-confidence

On the other hand, dreaming of sick or dying cats could mean that a woman is struggling with her self-esteem and is unsure of her sense of worth and validation. A woman who sees a sick cat in her dreams may subconsciously understand that she is ignoring her intuition, which somehow leads her away from the path that would allow her to achieve her goal.

Dreaming of cats could also represent a woman's connection to her sense of inner power, i.e. believing in herself, trusting in herself and her ability to achieve results and produce change. As a woman, embracing and manifesting your power may seem difficult and scary in today's world, but a cat visiting your dreams is a good omen and could suggest that you are moving closer to recognising and celebrating your inner power.

9- When man dreams of a cat

Cats in men's dreams often relate to the feminine side of their psyche, or they reveal how the man believes the opposite sex perceives him. In addition, it may show what his attitude is towards the opposite sex, whether this attitude is based on consciousness or unconsciousness.

If a man dreams of a cat purring or climbing on him, it may mean that he thinks women find him attractive. It may also indicate that he feels comfortable in his relationships with women.

To dream of a wild cat would symbolise a man's sexual desires and urges. If a man dreams of hissing and hostile cats, it could indicate that he feels rejected by women or that his current relationships are strained. He may also feel that the women in his life are difficult to please, controlling or unreliable. In this case, it may be time for the man to reassess his relationships.

 10- The cat's behaviour in your dream: our interpretations

a- I dreamt of an aggressive cat

As mentioned above, the cat can also bring back your surroundings and their behaviour towards you, and how you perceive them. Dreaming of an aggressive cat is a reminder of your mental exhaustion at the demands of those around you.

You feel bad about your life because too much is being asked of you without giving you time to satisfy these demands.

For a woman, dreaming of a cat attacking with its claws or fangs means that you feel trapped and suffocating in an uncomfortable situation. The attack symbolizes your inner self that needs to regain its balance.

For a man, it will refer to an unbalanced female relationship, where the woman is not getting as much as she would like. Try to discuss this as a couple to review the basics and the definition.

b-  Two cats fighting in my dream

Cats are symbols of inner femininity. The conflict between two inner femininities may relate to your relationship with your mother or wife if you are a man, or two friends who are fighting in life.

See if a solution or compromise can be reached between you and the other person, as this is undermining your life.

c- I dream that I can't find my cat

Dreaming about a lost cat and that you cannot find it reveals that you have some pretty toxic people around you. These people affect you in a way that makes you fearful and shy. These people or this person could be manipulating you, and you don't see the danger around you. You can see this dream as positive, because it helps you to become aware of the current situation and this toxic environment. So you can make the right decision about your life.

If you dream that your cat is missing and you are not really worried, it may mean that you have a new love affair in life but you do not really want to get attached to this person. A missing cat can symbolise your soul wanting to walk freely without anything holding it back.

d- A cat lies down and purrs

Cats are usually not very active and spend a lot of time lying down or sleeping. This is why it is common to dream of a sleeping cat

This dream means that you are in a positive period of your life and that you feel at peace.

Having a cat purring near you or on top of you is a very good dream. It shows that you have made good decisions in your life and in your family. You may have gone through hard and gruelling times and now that it is over, you are finally in tune with yourself.

e- I saw a cat give birth

This is indeed an intriguing moment. Let's see the meaning of dreaming of a pregnant cat and a cat giving birth to a child.
To dream of a pregnant cat promises intrigue and gossip around. You need to look carefully at your surroundings, the culprit may be the one you suspect last.

If you dream of a cat giving birth to kittens, this dream means that you may have more responsibilities in the future and that you will enjoy it. It will be a positive change in life. New phases of life are coming or starting in the world.

If a woman dreams that she is holding a newborn kitten, even if it seems to be a nice dream, in fact, consider this dream as a warning. It may be a sign of involvement in something bad. Keep a watchful eye before accepting any offer. You must be careful when dealing with new acquaintances, as this can create problems.

11- The Cat's Dream in different Cultures

Let's remember that the Cat has a different meaning for everyone, and this is confirmed when we analyse the interpretations in other cultures.

a- Dreaming of a Cat in Egypt

For example, the ancient Egyptians worshipped the cat as a representative of Bastet, the goddess of the home, and therefore perceived cats as a symbol of happiness and celebration.

b- Dreaming of a Cat in the Bible

The Bible generally associates the Cat with bad people, interactions, decisions we are subjected to during our waking state. Apart from dreaming of killing a cat, which would represent regaining the upper hand in an unfavourable situation, the interactions with the cat in the dream are symbols of bad luck in reality.

The cat represents a person around you who wants to harm you without you knowing it, or a situation that you are having a lot of trouble dealing with (financial problem, divorce, ...)

c- Dreaming of a cat in Islam

In Islam, cats are admired for their cleanliness, unlike dogs, and are therefore allowed into homes and mosques.

A cat is presented as a symbol of a thief. Fighting or killing a cat symbolises the dreamer's triumph and avoidance of being cheated in his waking life. A skinned cat means that the thief got what he deserved.

Feeding a cat means that the dreamer is aware that he is owed something and that he will get what he deserves.

d- Dreaming of a cat in Asia

In Thailand, Siamese cats are usually kept as protectors of the temples. Dreaming of a Siamese cat therefore symbolises spirituality and protection.

In Japanese culture, cats symbolise bad luck and cunning. As in many other cultures, black cats symbolise the occult, the unknown and mystery.

e- Dreaming of a cat in Hinduism

In Hinduism, dreaming of cats is a warning that the dreamer needs to be more aware of the bad people in their life. A cat that bites or scratches is a sign that the dreamer must protect himself and his property from present danger.

12- Have you learned more about cat dreams?

The cats that visit your dreams are just as complex as their real-life counterparts and can symbolise a wide variety of things, from a strong connection with your subconscious to your subconscious perception of the opposite sex.

Whenever you dream of a symbol with a rich mythological history, it is a clear sign that it probably has a higher meaning and could present an abundance of useful information. It carries both positive and negative words

Finally, the information that cats bring into the dream world can help you in various aspects of your life. For this reason, cats demand and deserve attention every time they appear in your dreams. They can reveal our negative thoughts as well as positive ones.

To progress, we must therefore couple the study of our dreams with personal construction work (thinking positively with positive statements in the morning or evening every day, regularly adding a positive sentence, transforming our environment positively...) or even spiritually.

We have talked about the cat dream, but what about the dog dream? Quickly, we will say that, while the cat represents the intuition and the emotion that inhabits us in relation to our own life, the dog will represent the relationship that we have with our surroundings. The dog will symbolize either the dreamer or the other people in his life (family members, partner or colleagues...) and will highlight the emotions related to his interaction with these people.

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