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Play With your Cat

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Playing with your cat is not only fun, it offers a sports session for all ages. In addition, it promotes the human-cat bond and cohabitation between the two at home. This is important for all the members of the family of which your cat is an integral part. The interactive game, where the master interacts with his cat, provides variety and allows the cat to perfect its hunting skills and pay attention to its health by contributing to maintaining its weight balance.

In addition, play is, as for a child, a good source of release, stress release, negativity and aggressiveness. A bored cat can have disproportionate reactions and can unintentionally hurt himself or you. A good game session will calm his nervousness and make him feel confident in an environment where he will feel at home. Recovering "your marks" through play, complicity, is interesting when you move and lose your bearings.


The Kitten is an animal to play with! A little bit animates him, interests him, awakens him. By being a little discreet and observing him, you will see that he finds a way to keep himself busy with everything he finds in the house. So, remember that there is still a baby and be careful that it does not approach sharp or too small objects that it might inadvertently ingest. That's why the best toy for the kitten would be a plush toy that she could chew on at any time without hurting herself. He will push it, pull it, bite it, kick it with his paws. His desire to discover will have little need of you.

Ideally, the kitten will be able to play with other kittens, where he will learn to manage his claws and fangs through play and maternal management that will be able to put "the points on the i's" when necessary. They learn to manage their bodies by learning what hurts or not, whether they are bitten or not, sensitive and less sensitive places understand their limits and develop some self-control. They develop their cat lifestyle, how to behave like a cat in front of other cats, and thus assess situations. A kitten who has not been through this stage will become more "raw" with humans and other cats, not knowing how to delimit the game of aggressiveness. You will have to be patient to re-educate it.


During the 2 to 7 week period, the Kitten is most receptive to her mother's learning and living with her siblings. So when you adopt it, it will normally have already learned all its "lessons". Keep in mind that the kitten should not get used to considering your hands and feet as toys. You will be surprised at how quickly these cute little teeth can grow and lie down. Also, when choosing objects, remember that 3 a.m. is not necessarily an hour to sleep and that rolling a plastic ball in the corridors will be done with or without your approval.


Again, your body should not be considered as the "toy". So don't get into the habit of shaking your hands to capture Minet's attention, he will leave you pretty memories every other time. Thank you, scratchers, you have done your job well. Important: these are objects that should be used as toys.
When the session is over, put the toy out of your cat's sight, at the risk of it quickly becoming commonplace and uninteresting the next time he sees it, that is, where he left it a few minutes ago.

As an adult cat grows up, it no longer has the frenzy to run to its paper pellet or the empty water bottle that fell from the furniture. Of course the desire will remain but will be much less compared to the first months of its growth. So your task will be to recognize when he or she will be most likely to share an activity with you and when he or she will prefer to stay calm. Catnip, placed on a toy, can also help to start the session, even if not all cats are sensitive to it.

During the game session, favour those that awaken his hunting instincts: toys must move in a way that titillates the cat's intellect and makes him want to jump and catch an imaginary prey. Let it come to you and don't force the desire to play. Chopsticks with feathers or mice at the end are very effective! It's up to you to create the best scenarios to attract your cat: a bird that flies low on the ground, lands on the couch, flies close to him and here we go, the attention is caught. For the less sporty among you, the laser is excellent because it is impossible to catch this little red dot that runs away at high speed and disappears without warning.

More than one session per day will be required; allow a good 20 minutes for the session. In the evening, you will think of "exhausting" your cat from its energy accumulated during the day, equivalent to what it would have been if it had gone out hunting real prey. This way you will make him understand that rest will follow and that it will be time for him to go to bed at the same time as you.


Once the right quarter of an hour of sport is over, whether your cat ends up "scoring" or has lost interest, you will understand that it is time to calm down. Keep the toy(s) out of sight so that they retain all their charm the next time you take them out. If your cat has given herself particularly well, reward her with a better treat this time. He will keep this memory in mind and be ready to jump next time.


Interactivity remains the best solution to socialize and cement your relationship with Minet. Some toys like mazes are excellent substitutes during your absence but you will have to make up for lost time once you get home.

The game is to the cat what walking is to the dog, a necessity if not a need that it is your responsibility to satisfy in order to keep his environment and yours in the best condition and keep your companion in better health.

Finally, even if you can't buy toys, take a different box home regularly. Newness guaranteed!

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