The benefits of having a cat

The benefits of having a cat

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In addition to being gentle and easily captivating, living with a cat can bring many psychological, physical and even world-viewing benefits to your master and those around you!

A- The cat helps to reduce stress

Caressing your cat, watching him play or sleeping can greatly reduce his stress. Indeed, when in contact with a cat, we can enter a state of relaxation, in which the heart and respiratory rhythm will relax, as well as the muscles. The cortinoid hormones considered as stress hormones will gradually give way to the production of endorphins, and will make it possible to better support the stress of daily life, limit certain cardiovascular diseases and at the same time strengthen the immune system. It's not for nothing that purr therapy exists! The next time your cat purrs, take some time to enjoy this sweet sound...


B- The cat allows you to be more emotionally stable

A cat is an emotional animal that makes you feel many emotions such as love, tenderness, curiosity and fear. This effect is particularly related to their physical appearance and the depth of their eyes, which are very observant and do not hesitate to look at their interlocutor. Thus, whether solitary or not, it is difficult to really feel alone with a cat, who can show great complicity with humans. Moreover, his character and sweetness can easily make us feel good just by watching him evolve in his environment. So, we take a more positive look at the world thanks to the influence of the cat.

C- The cat becomes a solution to certain pathologies or social problems

It is less and less rare today that cats are chosen to calm certain nervous pathologies, or the loneliness of the elderly, for example. Indeed, we can see more and more cats visiting the residents of a retirement home where loneliness and fatigue can sometimes appear. The effect is immediate: they adopt a more positive behaviour and seem to feel better. We no longer count the number of examples that testify to the benefit of cats on individuals in various situations.

When you think about it.... These benefits that cats bring us may be the reason for the success of their videos on the Internet?

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