The Siamese Cat, an Exceptional Companion

The Siamese cat -

The Siamese Cat, an Exceptional Companion

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The Siamese cat has always been a favourite domestic cat. Nowadays, it is still the favorite of many families!

Of all the cat breeds, there is the Siamese, and there are the others!

Although quite present, if not invasive, this magnificent blue-eyed cat is extraordinary, different from all other breeds, and possesses unparalleled intelligence. But what makes him a special cat is his unconditional love for his master.

For those who don't know it, it's an opportunity to discover this unique character!

1- History of the Siamese cat

There are many theories about the true origin of this breed cat. But then, do the Siamese come from Egypt as many people think?

Centuries ago, cats with characteristics similar to those of Siamese were discovered in the kingdom of Siam, now Thailand.

It is therefore nowadays accepted in view of these traits that Siamese cats were discovered in Asia in 1350, more precisely in the kingdom of Siam, which gave them this name.

Many manuscripts of the time record the traces of their passage, but it was not until the mid-19th century that the breed was first observed in Great Britain.

Since then, these cats have had more and more ribs and have been introduced to the United States. From there began the wonderful adventure of the Siamese Cats.

2- Description

There is now a wide range of Siamese. This is why its physical characteristics may vary.

However, some features are common to all Siamese.

  • It is a medium-sized breed. Females weigh between 2 and 6 kg, while larger males weigh between 4 and 8 kg. Both measure on average 30 cm (Loof measurement: from the snout to the base of the tail).
  • Their eyes are azure blue and have an almond shape. The latter are large and striking. In front of a "siam" cat, there's no way to miss them! They give the Siamese a unique look, but above all an incredible depth.
  • Their ears are large and generally open. They descend to the sides of the skull and are hollow.
  • Whatever its colour, the Siamese coat is contrasted with short, smooth hairs, but there are nevertheless many long-haired Siamese. The hairs are soft and pleasant to the touch. An ideal fur for long "cuddly" and "caressing" evenings.
  • The tail is long and has a whiplash-like appearance. It is also thin and ends in a point.
  • The legs are medium sized and thin.
  • The body of Siamese cats is slender and fine, characteristic of oriental cats. However, he has an athletic musculature.
  • Their skin is light and their extremities dark. This is what makes them so charming and adds great depth to their expressions.
  • The face is generally darker than the extremities. It is important to understand that as the cat grows, the dark surface of his face widens. As adults, we are often faced with a real "mask" that covers the whole face, from the snout to the eyes: Magnificent!

3- Different types of "Siamese"

As mentioned above, there is a wide variety of Siamese. This diversity is due to the crossbreeding of the original species with other oriental cats.

The classification of varieties may sometimes differ according to the context. However, two main categories of Siamese cats are allowed. The Thai "Siamese" and the Oriental Siamese.

Be careful, for the Loof, (the Official Book of Cat Origins), the Thai is a breed in its own right, as well as the Oriental cat.

Thai is often called the old Siamese or the Siamese of our Grandmothers!

He has a rounded head. It is slender, stocky and has short ears. It looks more like a European cat than a typical Siamese.

The Oriental "Siamese", on the other hand, has a triangular head, large, pointed ears and a long, straight body.

The breeders' desire to return to the original breed has given rise to other varieties such as the crossed Siamese cat, the angora Siamese cat whose hair grows very quickly and the white Siamese cat whose coat is lighter than that of the others and less accentuated.

4- Their colors 

All Siamese kittens are white at birth.

But as they grow older, their coat begins to take on the colour intended for them. Today there are at least twenty dresses, the most common of which are: seal, blue, chocolate and lilac. Of course, the body is lighter than the extremities (legs, ear, nose) are darker.

5- Cat Siamese : their Personality!

A- A cat that moves

The word that most characterizes the Siam cat is "endearing". It is not for nothing that it is one of the most common breeds in homes. When he is used to his master, he is very emotional and gentle at all times.

It is the ideal pet for single people. As long as he receives love, he gives a lot in return. Besides, he's always asking for affection. We can say that it is a Cat / Dog!

B- A real little player

By nature playful, the Siamese cat is an excellent companion for family relaxation moments. Like a dog, he is able to bring back the ball or his toys. He loves to wander around and exercise. It's a hyperactive cat. It is most likely that as a game it will wreak havoc in the house. Here again, beware of the claws because the Siamese takes the game very seriously!

C- A very Friendly cat

There is no one more sociable than the Siamese. He loves being with his master and his family. Very affectionate, he is always in need of hugs, caresses and playmates. The fact is, he hates loneliness. He greatly appreciates the presence of other animals and gets along very well with dogs.

D- A cat with a strong temperament

The Siamese are known for their impatience. They are very invasive and have a very strong character. They are imposing and monopolize attention. They are able to defend their master if he is attacked! Watch out for the claws!

E- Siamese cat irritable character

Siamese cats are by nature very nervous. When things don't go as they would like, they can quickly get angry and become annoying. They are very jealous when their master or a family member to whom he is attached seems to neglect him and they will make you understand it!

Leave a Siamese during your week off and you will understand how much he cares about you. He'll be able to ignore you for a while!

F- A smart kid

The Siamese cat is very intelligent. He is able to set up unimaginable schemes to get noticed. He learns very quickly and knows how to adapt to all situations. Which makes it a versatile cat that can be taken on a trip.

6- Behaviour

A- The dog cat

The Siamese has a behaviour comparable to that of a dog. Like him, he can understand his master's instructions and respect them. He is able to bring back the ball or his toys. Moreover, if he is used to it very early, he even accepts the leash.

B- A real talking mill

The Siamese cat is very talkative. He can follow his master all day long by emitting a distinctive mewing. He can also discuss long hours if he is allowed to do so. He tries to communicate and greatly appreciates being rewarded with answers from time to time!

C- A small glutton

The Siamese love food. In view of its energy costs, frankly, it cannot be blamed for this. He sometimes swallows impressive amounts of meals.

7- Quality of a good master

The character and behaviour of the Siamese mean that he cannot be adopted by everyone. His master must be extremely patient. He must be ready to give her a lot of love and attention.

He must be careful to keep an eye on him, because his curiosity can lead him to run away often.

One important thing to adopt a Siamese cat is to have respect for him. This cat has such a personality that he will quickly become irritated and nervous if he is played with. He hates being annoyed.

8- Health Care

In general, Siamese can live between 15 and 20 years if they are well fed and cared for. Most of the diseases he suffers from are hereditary in origin.

These can include lung disease, heart disease or liver disease. Another rare but inherited disease that can affect it is renal amyloid. This disease is in most cases fatal.

It is then necessary to take the Siamese to the veterinarian to diagnose all these pathologies in time.

A final condition that can affect the animal is urinary disorders. To compensate for this, it is sufficient to provide clean and fresh water.

9- Power supply

Because they have a fragile stomach, the diet of these Siamese cats must be monitored. It is better to give them quality food and avoid leftovers or milk.

In order to keep them slim as long as possible, it is important to ensure that they are given an amount adapted to their needs and energy expenditure.

10- Maintenance

Siamese cats must necessarily be brushed regularly. This should be done at least once a month and optimally once every week or every two weeks.

Siamese can be prone to tartar, so it is advisable to brush their teeth every two weeks. Use a veterinary toothpaste.

11- Siamese cat price

At a breeder's, the price of Siamese cats generally varies between 600 and 1200$ and are easily found in a cattery specialized in the breed.

12- Conclusion

Siamese cats are now known and appreciated by many cat lovers. When you are wise, you can enjoy all the extraordinary qualities of these surprising cats.

The Siamese is a Hyper cat! He does everything thoroughly, very active, very cuddly, very talkative, he is a cat with a unique character, incredibly present and endearing. You love or hate. At Chat Chou, we love it!

Admit you'd like to have a little kitten!

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