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Top 9 Best Cat Toys

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The cat is the favourite domestic animal of the canadian. There were no less than 13.5 million cats in our homes in 2017.

No wonder then that this feline holds the record for the strongest animal presence in Canada.

We must admit that it has no trouble attracting the sympathy of humans with its so cute appearance.

If this animal can sometimes be cold, it can also suddenly push its outbursts of affection to the point of huddling in our arms, following us everywhere, claiming our attention by rubbing against us and purring.

To top it all off, the cat is a very playful animal! It is agile and fast and it is always a welcome distraction to see a cat having fun.

If you're the proud owner of a cat, we've listed the best cat toys you can buy to keep your furry friend amused!


1. The tunnel for cats who like to hide

Cat owners all know how much these animals love to sneak into tight spaces.

They love cardboard boxes, large or small, and will not hesitate to get into an open purse as long as they are not prevented from doing so.

That's why the cat tunnel is such a hit with our little felines.

Often made from nylon or fabric, the tunnel will be a real playground for your cat, who will love to enter it for home or play.

You will find very simple models with an average length of 50 cm and others decorated with accessories such as a small stuffed mouse or a hanging ball to intrigue your pet.

To make it even more fun in its tunnel, you can buy several of them and link them together to form a real little course. This will keep him busy for hours!


2. The cat mouse, an indispensable

Cat and mouse are eternal enemies. This small rodent has the gift of awakening the cat's predatory instincts and does not hesitate to make it its meal when it catches one.

Since there's no question of getting a live mouse for its own pleasure, you'll find dummy mice for felines in cat toy stores or pet stores.

Designed to mimic the true shape of these rodents, the cat mouse will become your tomcat's favourite toy.

All you have to do is throw it at him and he'll start chasing it and playing with it like a little fool.

Everyone knows that felines like to play with their prey before eating it! Except that this one he won't be able to swallow it!

There are all kinds of cat mice on the market, from the simple stuffed mouse stuffed with catnip to the battery-powered remote-controlled mouse.


3. The fish for a playful cat

Fish is one of the animals that the cat integrates perfectly into its diet.

If in the kibble it is only a bite, it will also be just as happy to have a life-size model of it to play with.

Cat toys in the shape of a fish are definitely in the top 10 of the best games you could offer kitty.

There are all kinds of toys: ultra realistic fish stuffed with catnip, robot fish that wiggles when put in the water, small stuffed fish hanging on a stick at the end of a wire... these are all toys that will delight your pet.

With its fish game for cats, your tomcat will be able to spend a lot of time on a daily basis and have fun while you're away.

The moment of separation when it's time to go to work won't be so hard anymore, since he'll be busy chewing his catfish!


4. The ball: ideal for an energetic cat

Cats don't fetch the ball like dogs do, but they know how to have fun with this toy just as well! Your tomcat will run after it, roll it around with his little paws, and won't be bored for a second.

To make it even more fun, you can choose the catnip ball. Thanks to catnip (another name for catnip), your cat will be even more excited about playing with the ball, as this plant contains nepetalactone, an active ingredient that is particularly attractive to this animal.

With a ball composed mainly of this grass, he won't be able to resist the urge to play. It is also important to note that catnip is safe for cats.

On the contrary, it would be excellent for his health and especially for his teeth and oral hygiene.

Feel free to place the catnip ball in his cat tunnel so he can have even more fun in his little personal maze!

The most modern masters and mistresses will be able to opt for a luminous magic ball with an LED that makes it shine.

Your cat will be able to play with it day and night. Note that cats can see perfectly in the dark as long as it's not total darkness.

It's up to us, their owners, to be fascinated by the spectacle of this luminous ball being chased by a furious fur ball in the dark.

Finally, you can also find candy balls that give out kibbles every time your cat rolls them. Your little pussycat will be able to combine its 2 favourite activities: eating and playing!


5. The laser pointer, enough to drive your tomcat crazy...

Cats chase mice, balls, fish... and lasers! Indeed, this beam of light has the gift of making cats very excited because they can't help but chase it everywhere as soon as they see one.

You can get a cat laser pointer at cat toy stores, and start filming its frantic run through your living room.

Who knows, maybe kitty will be the next internet star who loves videos of mischievous cats chasing lasers?

Cat lasers don't take up much space as they fit easily in your hand or pocket and run on simple batteries.

You'll find some with a beam that mimics the silhouette of a mouse. Small precaution of use: never point the laser in the eyes of your cat, and think of rewarding it after a few minutes of play.

Since your cat can't "grasp" the beam, this can lead to frustration.


6. The interactive toy, the new trend

The interactive cat toy is the new star in pet toys.

This game has indeed the advantage of being playful and particularly beneficial for waking up the hunter in your tomcat.

Usually electronic, the interactive toy often includes a large-diameter base through which a small stuffed mouse or its tail (or other rodent-like object) will randomly emerge and the cat will have to chase it.

This game is very suitable for fighting boredom in your pet, as you only need to activate it, and it will work in your absence.

It can also take the form of a small yo-yo that works automatically and will be able to stimulate your tomcat all day long.


7. The Cat Tree

Like any good feline that respects itself, the cat loves to climb and claw on rough surfaces.

To prevent him from getting loose on your furniture and upholstery, you can offer him a cat tree just for him.

With this toy, he'll be able to climb and claw as much as he wants!

If your cat is used to scratching on your good old furniture, don't hesitate to spray catnip spray on its tree. I

He'll be more easily attracted to this one and forget all about your furniture.


8. The spiral tower

8. The Spiral TowerThe Cat Spiral Tower is a way to make playing with the Cat Ball more fun. It is also an interactive game but does not require batteries to operate.

The principle is very simple: you place several balls at the turns of the spiral, and watch your cat lose his head trying to chase 3 preys at a time without being able to grab them between his claws.

The cat spiral tower will guarantee endless playtime for your cute fur ball.


9. The little cat butterfly

Cats are fascinated by small crawling animals, but also those that fly. That's why kitty will surely appreciate this flying cat butterfly toy mounted on a base and held in the air by a fine steel wire.

Seeing the butterfly twirl around will make your tomcat get on his 2 legs and hop around to reach his target. He will be able to have fun for hours, and no other animal will suffer the consequences!

The flying cat butterfly toy can also be classified as an interactive cat toy when it is battery operated.

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