Why do cats sleep so much?

Why do cats sleep so much?

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The first thing we notice when we have one or more cats at home, that they live with us every day, is the impressive number of hours they sleep! Indeed, these Small Felines sleep on average 15 hours per day, and that can extend even until 20 hours for some!
How does this happen? Why do they need so many hours of sleep? You won't need to ask yourself these questions anymore, we will solve this mystery and these amazing animals will no longer have any secrets for you!

1- Cats in the wild

Let's go back in time a little bit, when owning domestic cats, or even animals at home, was not as common as it is today.
It is important to know that cats were originally carnivores, and therefore hunters. To survive, Felines are looking for small easy prey like mice, rats, birds, ... in this case. The common point of these small animals is that they live mainly during the day! Very smart, Cats have adapted to their daytime lifestyle and hunt during their sleep, when they are most vulnerable. No loyalty, it's the most cunning that win! As a result of this adaptation, Felines rest during the day before going hunting all night.

2- Cats and their Animal Instinct

Did you know that cats have been "domesticated" by humans for thousands of years? For example, in Egypt, Felines were revered as a symbol of protection. In spite of these thousands of years at the side of the Men and of the hunting which was thus negligible for them, the Cats never lost their instinct of predator!
Indeed, even if they are fed regularly, same hours every day, the majority of the Cats cannot prevent themselves from going out during the night hours, in search of small playmates! That's why our dear Matous sleep so much during the day because after hunting, the little warrior deserves to rest!

3- Types of sleep for cats

Just like humans, our little friends also have 2 types of sleep: light sleep and deep sleep! In reality, they are more precisely phases. When the cat is dozing, it is in the light sleep period. It is a phase where the body, the muscles, rest but where the nervous system is always active and alert. This means that if there is an unexpected event such as a danger, his brain will react immediately and our Feline will be directly in action!
Later in the sleep cycle, comes the deep sleep phase. It is at this time that the body recovers energy and the nervous system rests, it is the so-called restorative sleep because it is essential to our good health. It is during this phase that we dream, we can notice it in the cat when it moves its whiskers or its paws. Roughly speaking, light sleep occupies about 75% of the time when the cat seems to be sleeping, and more or less 25% of the time for deep sleep!
Cats habits
We notice very quickly that cats rarely sleep on the ground, they prefer to be in height to be less cold during their sleep. This habit also comes from being in height, they are out of reach of their predators and can have a wider vision to monitor their surroundings.
This is why Cat Trees have become so popular! With varying heights, scratching posts and other useful gadgets for felines, these cat accessories are quickly becoming a must-have for our little furballs!

4- Sleeping cats: a new trend

The fact that Cats sleep dozens of hours a day makes it their most famous characteristic, and even an advantage for some! What's more, a small pet, giving lots of love and cuddles, doesn't need you to take care of him all day long? Apart from feeding him 2 to 3 times a day and changing his litter box once a week, our Little Feline doesn't need anything more!
Unlike a dog who needs to be walked several times a day, who needs to be brushed, who needs to be cleaned after his needs, ... On paper, the cat seems much more pleasant on a daily basis! The choice between these two wonderful animals generally depends on our personality and the time we have available to take care of them.
The Big Cat, who only eats and sleeps all day long, has its success on the net! We do not count any more the number of humorous products which exist to identify with them! For example we can find this famous T-Shirt Cat for woman where is written Not Today, where is drawn this characteristic Cat always tired!

Not Today Shirt

You can notice many other examples of Humorous Cats Clothing on our store! A lot of references to these Little Felines coming from the web are born day by day, which also allows to create new articles for you!

5- Some advice for the sleep of your cats

To sum up in a few words, the most important thing to remember about cat sleep is to make sure that your cat sleeps in the best possible way. The fact of having a Cat Tree, in addition to the fact of being able to make them gambol and to make them spend energy, allows the feline to sleep in height! Indeed, it will always prefer to have a warm place like on a piece of furniture or on a table rather than on the cold floor of your house!
That's why choosing to own Cat Accessories will make your pet happier! Like Toys for Cats, Cat Scratching Posts ... That's why we offer Cat Trees with these built-in gadgets! As it is the case with our Cat Tree "High House" !

cat tree

6- Cats and their habits

Cats' habits can change very quickly in relation to their environment, for example a kitten taken in by a new family adapts to the life schedule of its new parents! It is very common then that a feline animal, like the canine race, coming from the SPA is slightly out of step with its adoptive family, the time that our tomcat learns to live in the same time slot as its guests in order to see them more often! Cute isn't it?

This is mainly due to their social nature and their ability to adapt to their environment in order to optimize their sleep and activity time! We can therefore think that it is a very instinctive phenomenon that comes from their survival order. A really splendid animal! We can also notice, Kittens or Adult Cats, that in the same way as humans, Cats tend to sleep more often during rainy or winter periods, even if it generally depends on the different breeds, ages or health of the Cat in order to keep their body heat at the maximum.

7- Beware of your cats' hyperactivity!

Although Cats are extremely well known as one of the world's sleepiest animals, they are most active at night! Being a crepuscular feline, meaning that they are active during the dawn and dusk periods, Cats will often roam or hunt outside at night while their prey is sleeping. Care should be taken to ensure that your cat is not unusually active during the day, so that they can rest properly.

The most common reasons for a cat's decreased sleep time are

Their desire to mate during the feline heat period. Indeed, if they are not spayed or neutered, your cat will be more inclined to follow their sexual urges in order to reproduce! It is therefore important to have your pets spayed or neutered if you don't want any unpleasant surprises!
From your absence! Domestic cats, even if they keep their hunting instinct despite their domestication, will be used to waiting for you to give them their kibble at the usual times. If you are unusually absent, don't forget to ask someone close to you to come and feed your pets!
When Female Cats have to take care of their young! Nothing can really change that. You have to sacrifice your time in order to take care of your kittens! It is advisable to keep a warm place so that the mother can rest with her babies.
If you are regularly away from home during meal times (morning, noon and evening), then we recommend that you use our automatic cat feeder so that it can prepare cat food and water for you when you are away at the times you have indicated!

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