Cat Food Dispenser


It's not easy to get away from home and worry about the health of our Hairballs. We can rely on the neighbors or a relative who is able to move around. To cope with this dependency, there is nothing like a Cat Food Distributor who takes care of your Matou's food.


In general, a working day keeps you busy and out of the house between 7 and 9 hours. You know that a little kibble and water is enough to feed a cat, because your hairball learns throughout its life to regulate its caloric intake. It knows how to nibble as the hours go by, especially if it's not used to leaving your house.

Now you have to go away for a weekend, or several days, and you can't count on anyone. You've probably already asked yourself the question of the Automatic Croquette Dispenser, the most famous dry food for cats. They are specifically designed to manage balanced nutrition and provide limited amounts of Cat Food, and over the course of the days, fill up automatically so your Pets never run out.


Take into account the eating habits of your companions. If your adult cat can easily manage his cravings and eats only a small amount each time, then you have the chance to have an independent and already very well educated Pet. Otherwise, it is up to you to correctly adjust the amount of Cat Food delivered while ensuring that your cat is full.

For an independent and not greedy cat, the Classic Kibble Dispensers are ideal: fill the food tanks with food. A small amount will flow into the lower container so your cat can eat. This is the simplest mechanism, where consecutive meals cause the weight of the food in the reservoir to drop the kibble naturally. Like an hourglass, the small kibbles fall into the container as soon as possible.

Since your Companions already know when to stop eating, they have enough nutritional intake and are not overweight, and you have absolutely nothing to do except praise the confidence your feline has instilled in you.

There are also Water Dispensers, where the water tank is closed at the bottom with a spring-loaded cap that only lets out the necessary amount of water. Perfectly safe, your beloved pet's meal goes off without a hitch. Avoid putting milk that has little shelf life in the open air. Moreover, after a certain age, milk (even if rich in calcium) and other dairy products are not recommended.

If your Cats are the type to throw themselves on their food, then you will have to opt for automatic croquette dispensers. These allow you to set the daily rationing yourself according to the characteristics of your pets but also to program the different times when they can get their next food dose.

The Automatic models are efficient and modern. Once started and programmed, you won't have to worry about their daily operation. In fact, an unexpected request can occur, asking you to leave very quickly, yet you keep your mind at ease, because your machine is already ready to use.

Some Automatic Models are now accessible via the Internet: the Connected Automatic Kibble Dispensers can be programmed from your Smartphone. They keep you informed of the correct operation and the remaining food supply. You are kept informed of the need to fill the tanks.



The criteria to consider before choosing your Distributor are based on your work habits but also on your ability to be regular and follow the Cat's diet precisely, especially if he is young or overweight.

Indeed, if your working hours are irregular, you cannot feed your Animals at a fixed time. It is then preferable to select an automatic model that will always feed the same quantity and at the same time. Meals that do not change schedules are good for the digestion of Feline.

Also, if you often work at home, automating meals may not be necessary. If you are at home more often, you may want to use a manual dispenser so that you can monitor the progress of the meals.

Your chat store always provides you with the manuals and user guides you need to properly program your tools. This is relatively simple and is often done by pressing one or two buttons at a time. This is an interesting phase if you want to help your animals lose weight. You will thus prevent the risk of obesity of your companions with the most appetite.

Lidded tanks are the most popular because you can probe the level of food in the dispenser at any time.

Depending on the number of days of absence, but also on the energetic needs of your Cats, the Volume of the Reservoir will be an important criterion. It is better to take a larger reservoir that you will not fill up often than a too small reservoir where you will have to pour kibble every day.

Another point about the tank is opacity. If the eating area is likely to be sunny, choose an opaque tank because the sun's rays can affect the quality of the food. This forces you to regularly check if the quantity inside is still correct, but will avoid health problems as well as attracting the uncontrolled desire of the greedy to damage the dispenser by trying to open the reservoir with claws.

The distributor must be able to manage different quantities and frequencies according to the needs of your cats. It is interesting to remember that several small meals are better than 2 big meals that excitement will push to finish very quickly to the detriment of digestion and weight loss. However, you can vary the quantity to serve more food at one time of the day rather than another.

Conventional vending machines serve only one type of food. So take care in this case to take a suitable brand of food for your vending machine in order to make it work as long as possible: wet, semi-wet, dry, low fat, ...

The more advanced models have compartments that hold different types of food. They are ideal for establishing a strict diet like those of kittens or young adult cats who need a precise diet in order to grow well. They are also good to help kittens lose weight by giving priority to good calories, good carbohydrates (small quantities because sugars are prohibited), lipids, vegetable and animal proteins, fibers.

Thus, you can program at each meal of the day which compartment opens to deliver the right quality of food. The disadvantage is that they are rather suitable for people who are not away for long periods of time, as you have to cook and make sure to fill the numerous containers in the dispenser frequently. On the other hand, you will appreciate the assistance they provide in meeting the nutritional needs of your kittens.

Today, many vending machines are equipped with an audio recorder. Memorizing a few words to call Kitty at the table is child's play. This feature will also be part of the learning process by the Chat who will learn to associate the sound signal with the meal time.

In order to keep your device in operation as long as possible, it is necessary to be able to clean it regularly without damaging the electronic parts. Most models offer a very practical removable bowl that you can wash once or twice a week to keep its hygiene intact.

Some devices work with an AC outlet, some with batteries, and some with either. For greater versatility, it is best to choose the latter, but depending on where you want to put the Dispenser, there may not be an outlet available. Please also remember that the dining area must be far enough away from the litter box to promote education and learning of the rules of cleanliness for your Kitten.

In addition, you will want to keep the operation of the Distributor out of your way and place it in a place where noise will not bother anyone, although recent models are fairly quiet.



It is important to note that an automated nutrition system does not in any way disengage you from keeping up to date on the well-being and good health of your pets during your absence. Try to keep a trusted person ready to travel regularly and check that everything is fine, and to clean the litter box if necessary. Also prepare all sorts of toys that you will leave available and easily accessible so that your Cats don't get bored.

Dispensers are not a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet, rich in good nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

It is up to you to choose the ingredients that will help your cat to grow well: you will quickly become a pro at cat diets. When preparing your portions, please check the nutritional quality: give preference to animal proteins such as fish for fatty acids or meat because yes my cat and yours are carnivorous, vegetable proteins (in smaller quantities), cereals, vegetables, gluten-free legumes, caloric indices, fats, vitamins and minerals, ...

Cats' digestive system is fragile. Foods rich in sugar (or with a high glycemic index) are to be avoided, such as chocolate, coffee, tea or peanuts (almonds, nuts). Some fruits such as avocado are dangerous and starchy foods are difficult to digest; however, you can give rice in case of intestinal disorder or diarrhea, and on the other hand, oats rich in fiber soothe constipation.

Similarly, kibbles that are too rich in nutrients such as potassium or magnesium can cause stones and are not suitable for all cats.

Don't hesitate to study the benefits of amino acids such as Taurine, which is necessary for the proper growth of kittens. Some food supplements give an extra boost to growth or a shiny coat.

From time to time, monitor your kitten's cholesterol level and weigh your animals often to watch for weight gain (kitten) or extra pounds.

Don't give her leftovers from what you eat. Bones or cartilage can injure him. Even green vegetables that you haven't finished should be cooked well!

With proper care, your cat won't have to worry about hunger and his metabolism will be less stressed and will regain its balance. It will be your pleasure to reward him with treats (unsweetened desserts) for animals, to congratulate him for following your recommendations.